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2022.01.27 14:37 BiGGiDY_214 SUBWOOFER NO WORKY

I have an American bass XFL 1222. Apparently underneath the dust cap there's some kind of debris that rattles around. I took the sub out of the box if I tilt it from side to side I can hear it moving around but can't access it. Sub is not blown, coils are fine, both test at 2ohms with meter, no rubbing. Probably excess glue? What can I do? I love this sub. Was thinking I can just cut a small hole in the dust cap and fish it out with a stick and tape? What can I use to repair the hole? what kind of material? It's on a CT sounds at 1500.1d so needs to be strong.
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2022.01.27 14:37 Booksman55 What to do with these oranges?

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2022.01.27 14:37 Spirited_Mango9440 Best bedsheets/pillow cases

Looking for the best bedding set on the market. Something on par with whatever they have at the best hotels.
I’m open to high-end because I literally just need to sleep. 5 hours a night isn’t cutting it anymore. I know nothing about bedsheets so please inform me!
Thanks in advance :-)
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2022.01.27 14:37 Dimityblue Trishlovesdolphins' tale about Sam.

This is a repost and I'm not the OP. This is also my first post here, so apologies if I mess up. I did a search but didn't find this, so I hope it's new to you guys.
This was originally posted on https://old.reddit.com/JUSTNOMIL/ by u/trishlovesdolphins.
I have wondered if this is real or not as JustNOMIL tends to have really overblown stories but Trishlovesdolphins kept this going for over a year and she seems to have used her main account for it. Anyway, here's the saga of Sam and her family.
Warning: It's loooooong...
1st post. MIL in the wild and her flying monkey. Or, why you shouldn't work on sympathy from a stranger.

Oldest kid gets out of school at 4. There's a park literally right next door. So, I've been taking my 3 year old to the park until school lets out. Might as well play for 30 minutes instead of waiting in the car.
We've been seeing the same 2 girls there with their grandparents and a (what I thought was Dad, but found out it was an Uncle) man. Cute little girls. Just turned 2 years old. While waiting for the fountain, I started talking to one of the little girls and the Grandma tells me just how much she LOVES her babies, and that if it weren't for their uncle she would never get to see them.
Apparently, Grandma and Grandpa were "thrown out of their daughter's house" for "no reason" and told that until they could behave themselves they weren't allowed to see the kids. I guess they were "only" taking them to the mall and "only" left them in the car for a few minutes and they "do it all the time" so it's no big deal. Well, I guess someone "blew it out of proportion and called the cops." CPS was called and the end result was NC. I'm not sure what all happened, but what I heard from GRANDMA was bad enough that I wasn't surprised that Mom told them no contact, and I'm sure Grandma cleaned it up to try and make herself smell like roses.
Uncle apparently thinks this is incredibly unfair so he picks up the girls while his sister picks up her other child from school. She waits in the pick up line, while her brother plays with the girls at the park and then picks all 3 back up. Grandma was so proud that they hadn't been caught because they park the car at the recycling plant that's at the back of the park and wait for the uncle to call. Then, they know that school is out at 4, so they leave at 4 so that Mom doesn't find out. They apparently do this anytime Uncle is babysitting so that they can see the kids.
Now, I'm pretty active at the school. I know most of the parents by sight. I don't recognize the girls, but I did ask a grade/name for the boy in school. He was in my son's class last year. I know Mom, not "besties" but we do the "Mom chat" thing. Next time I see Mom in the pick up line, I'm going to tell her she should do a lap around the park and swing around through the area with the recycling spot after she drops her brother off before she goes through pick up at the school.
1st update Update to MIL and her flying monkey in the wild. AKA: Hell Hath No Fury...
I actually ran into "Mom" (Imma call her Sam, cause Sam Jackson is the coolest MoFo I know, and I've got a new buddy) at the grocery store about 2 hours ago.
So I bumped into Sam at the store, conveniently enough in the wine aisle. lol She had the girls with her, so there's no doubt that I was right about who these people were.
We made a little chit chat when we saw each other, and then I told her I was going to try and catch her at school and told her why. We ended up driving down to Micky D's for the kids to play while we talked. She was pretty pissed. She asked me if I had taken any pictures, and I hadn't thought about it. But, I did take some snaps of Kid2 playing, and let her look to see if they were in the background. They were in 1, they were standing with one of the girls in the background. I texted what I had to her. (Now she also has my number.)
Apparently, Grandidiotma and grandidiotpa got busted for more than "just" leaving them in the car. They also were busted for taking the kids from the house with no car seats. Not just "up the block" trip either. They took the kids to the mall, Sam lives about 4 blocks from me. (I dunno how we've missed each other, I've lived here 2 years and she's been here longer.) The mall is 10 minutes away if you take the highway, 15-20 if you take the back way which is a windy road that we won't drive on at night because while it's not a "dangerous" road, it's certainly not one you want to send a new driver on and it can be very dangerous at night since it's not lit and winds through the woods which means deer.
Anyway, they never lived with her. They were staying a few nights while something was being done in their home. Sam said there have always been some problems but she was never concerned about them because she didn't leave the kids alone with them and saw them more as "annoying pests." Since they were staying a few nights and she had a doctor's appointment, she asked them to watch the girls for a couple hours. She figured she'd come back to dirty girls hopped up on sugar, but nothing too bad. Instead, she got a phone call from the local police.
The idiots went to the mall, it's been in the high 80's maybe low 90's this week, but before that we've had a solid summer temp of 110 heat indexes. My power bill had TRIPLED from last summer, that's how hot it has been here. They didn't want to carry the kids inside. So instead of: A, not going. B, one staying in the car and the other going inside, or C, just take the kids in, they left them in the car.
This happened a few weeks ago, so it was a good 90-100 outside. No windows down. No car seats. Kids weren't even buckled in. Someone apparently saw them leave the kids, they told them to come get them and were told that they were only going to be a minute. That person called mall security and the cops.
They were at the car for about half an hour before grandidiots came back. By then, cops had removed the kids from the car and were waiting because you know, almost 2 year olds don't know their phone number.
Idiots come out, and try to just get in the car and go. I don't know what they thought they were going to do, the kids were in the police car. Cops call Dad, he doesn't answer. Cops call Sam, she answers and she drops the doctor's appointment and comes to get her kids. Police are (rightfully) concerned that the girls aren't in carseats. Sam explains that she didn't give permission for the kids to leave the house, and never thought they'd leave without seats. I actually vaguely remember this being in the news, but only as a couple line story the newscaster read, no video.
Grandidiots follow Sam home, by this time her husband is home and knows what's gone down. He has already packed up their bags and has them waiting on the porch. Sam drives straight into the garage and closes the door before getting out, and asks her brother to take the girls in so they wouldn't see what was going down. Brother lives with (well, LIVED with) Sam while finishing school. Grandidiots by this point are getting the idea that they're not coming back in the house and it starts to get loud. They start by blaming Dad, saying HE won't let them in. Then Sam comes and tells them SHE decided it and that she wants them out and tells them they're not allowed to see the kids alone again. Not even, "not see the kids ever" just not alone.
Grandidiots lose their shit. Grandidiotma made some comment about how she'll just use her key to come in and see them anytime she wants and that Sam can't stop them. Grandidiotpa makes some comment along the lines of "I'm your father, you'll do what we say. You're not too big for me to whoop your ass." That's when she told them they wouldn't be seeing the kids at all now and to leave before she calls the cops. They don't believe her, so she goes inside for a second. While she's inside the cop that lives in our neighborhood came home and when they saw his car they left.
Brother seemed to be on board mostly, only defending them by saying "they didn't MEAN any harm." But Sam thought he understood, and didn't think he'd sneak them out. Since they left, they've been doing the usual blowing up the phone and email. CPS was called, and obviously they wanted to meet. Sam shows them her house and explains the situation, then tells them that they have already cut contact at least for the foreseeable future. CPS pretty much gives the all clear but does tell Sam that allowing unsupervised visits with grandidiots wouldn't look good for her should another situation arise.
Her parents tried to pick up her son a few days after school started for some planned event. Apparently, they thought that "you're not seeing my kid" meant "you're not seeing my kid except for that thing we agreed to before you went nuts." She had already removed them from the list after the comment about using her key. (BTW, they actually ran to the local hardware store and changed locks that night, I asked.) The school called of course, Sam told them they're not supposed to have access to the kid and that if they don't leave, call the cops. After that, they showed up at Sam's pounding on the door. Grandidiotpa tried the window, Sam was home and went to the door. She told them that at this point she's going to file reports and get a restraining order. A lot more hot air gets thrown around and they finally leave. They've contacted an attorney, who told her that without more proof there isn't a whole lot he can do for them right now.
About 2 weeks ago is when her brother suggested that since the weather was finally getting a little cooler, that instead of taking the girls to wait in the pickup line that she could just drop them off with him at the park and they could play while they waited on her son to be out of school. So she's assuming it's been going on at least that long. I offered to pick up her son today so that she can catch them in the act, but she's going to have her husband take care of it and she's going to try and catch them. I told her to make sure she gets pics before she gets out of the car and to have her camera rolling once she's out of the car so that if police are involved she can have evidence. She's going to give her brother 48 hours to pack all his shit and get out, she figures he won't even take that long and move in with his parents. I told her all about this place, so we'll see if she posts. She said her husband was probably going to be more pissed than she was, and I've never seen this woman break "school mom" face, and she was pissed. So, I guess that's it, I'll keep an eye out this afternoon and see if I see any explosions at the park. I suggested she call the police for back up if she thought they'd get violent, hell, the school's police officer would probably go with her if she asked, he's helped out at the park other times.
2nd update:
Saw Sam at drop off this morning. I saw her walking her kid IN (normally, you open the car door and they run out) today, so I went ahead and walked my son up so we could chat. I asked if she was ok, she didn't give me a lot of dirt, and honestly, I'm not going to pry about it, but here's what she said happened.
She caught her brother and parents at the park yesterday. The way the park is set up, there's a long drive that loops all around the park. One way in/out. It's divided into 4 play areas. The recycling plant is at the very back, it shares the drive. She dropped them off and went out like she was coming to school and waited, then drove back through. When she got back around Grandidiotma was already out, but Grandidiotpa was just getting out of the car. No big drama, she just went and took the kids. Told her brother he had 2 days to "get your shit" and put her kids in the car. She left him there, figured their parents could give him a ride. She said they kept trying to talk to her, but she didn't even acknowledge them past, "I've contacted an attorney, all communication can go through her. You'll be hearing from her shortly." They didn't react well, but no violence and they seemed to at least keep it civil enough that they didn't make a big scene.
Between the pic I had, and the pictures/videos she got of yesterday, and apparently she got the brother recorded saying he knew the kids weren't supposed to see grandidiots BEFORE she dropped them at the park, she's hoping she can lump him into the restraining order as well. There's also a bunch of emails, she didn't tell me what they said, just that they had sent some nasty ones so she had given them to the attorney. The attorney basically told her that now there's enough evidence that she thinks she can get an emergency order pushed through quickly and then a more permanent one if she wants. Which, I assume means the emails must be pretty bad, because emergency POs are kind of hard to get around here, at least in a domestic violence situation. I gave her my email and told her that if the attorney wanted a statement or anything from me since I had been seeing them there a few days that she could contact me.
She said her brother never came home last night, but she's started packing so that he can't try and say he didn't have enough time. No clue where he was, he didn't try calling. Her parents texted a few times about him "being out in the cold" so she assumes he's with them.
Her husband was pretty pissed, and has vowed to "shoot those assholes" (they don't even have a gun, he's just that pissed) if they come back to the house. I guess all of this was just the last straw. They've never been violent or abusive, they just boundary stomp and won't listen to a word they say. Mostly things like giving the kids pop in bottles before they were even off of formula (which is why they didn't leave the kids alone with them usually.) Pretty bad stuff, but nothing like the crazy unleashed. She thinks that them staying at her house pushed them/her over the edge because them under her roof trying to make the rules didn't go well. She did talk to the neighborhood cop, and asked that if he saw anyone poking around her house to let her know since he lives just down the block. He always brings his cruiser home, so I think it might help as a deterrent, seeing a cruiser drive around the neighborhood.
I reminded her that she can always come post here, she said she might, but right now she's pretty busy. I told her if nothing else, she should know she has a fan club already. lol She figures it's going to be pretty quiet for awhile. She doesn't expect anymore shit to go down until they find out she's going through with the attorney, according to her, they don't think she'll do it, and it will all blow over.
3rd update: So, uh, update on Sam: AKA the eye has passed.
I'm currently sitting in my living room watching Pokemon with my kids (no school today,) the girls, and "Steve." They're eating some Mickey D's and having a good time.
About 45 minutes ago, I got a call from Sam that she was really sorry, but could I take her kids. I was at Walmart, but she met me at my door when I got home.
Her parents went off the deep end. Not "break into the house and steal a wheelchair or shit on a rocker" bad. I guess they were served and that was the "oh shit, she's not going to just let it blow over this time" moment. They knew the kids were out of school today so they sent Sam a message this morning that they were coming and that she could either have the cops there waiting to arrest them or she could "be a grown up" and talk to them. This did not sit well.
I guess after a few texts saying that she didn't want them over, and she would call the police they responded that they didn't believe her and then stopped texting. Sam then was stuck between either being there and confronting them, or taking the kids and running, and hoping they weren't there when she got back. She decided to call their bluff. She called the police, but they basically told her that they wouldn't come out until her parents are there. Since, who knows if they'll follow through.
So, not wanting to have a war in front of the kids, she called and asked if they could come over for a few hours. She's about 4 blocks away, can't see the house from here, but you could hear sirens and even yelling if it's quiet enough in the neighborhood. She's planning on calling 911 as soon as the car pulls in. I did give her the mace on my keyring just in case, but she thought it was silly. I asked her if she'd rather feel silly or have a black eye if they went SuperAss. I would have offered her the gun if it wasn't being serviced.
So that's it. Not much of an update, I imagine I'll have a bigger one later... or a nonexistent one if they do show up.
Her brother never showed up to move anything, Sam and her husband ended up boxing everything up, which was pretty easy since all the furniture was hers, so it was just personal belongings. They put everything in the garage so they can't be sued or something for getting rid of it. The attorney told them that after a "reasonable amount of time" they could get rid of it and not worry about it.
4th update: 2nd update to Sam: Aka some kind of witty title here.
Sorry it took so long, I had my own small fires to put out after everyone left. My 3 year old stabbed himself in that round part of your ear that attaches to your face, nothing serious. Some water and neosporine and he was fine. Then the damn dogs broke a cabinet door OFF so a trip to the hardware store for wood glue and clamps to fix it was in order.
So, they showed up. Sam called the cops. They tried to talk her out of having them arrested. She told them that they were violating the emergency order (court date is some time next week) and she wanted it enforced and offered to call her attorney to come to her home. Parents tried to say they were there to pick up her brother's stuff. So while the cops were there, she allowed them to load the boxes into their trunk, but told them she wanted to press charges. She figured if she didn't, they'd just think she didn't have the balls to follow through.
Cops called the brother, he came and picked up the car, cops took parents. I'm sure the attorney has more to add to the list for a permanent/long term restraining order.
There's more to come. Again, I'm not the OP.
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2022.01.27 14:37 KamoBeatzMusic [FREE] Roddy Ricch Jack Harlow Type Beat 2022 | Trap Hip Hop Beats Instrumental No Tags | Kamo Beatz

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2022.01.27 14:37 SONNAMMS A little impression for a better night's sleep 😆😉😘

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2022.01.27 14:37 Onandia What do Dutch people think of Bavaria beer?

Is it as bad as people say?
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2022.01.27 14:37 Bedriddenchilli When will it end?

Day 15 with covid, still feel like a husk of my old self. No taste or smell, fatigue, short of breath, nauseated very easily, headaches coming and going, and no ability to do anything that gets my heart rate up without feeling out of breath and dizzy. I think everyone suspects I'm milking it as to not return to work, because when they all got covid it was no big deal
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2022.01.27 14:37 YouPlantTube GTA 3 Definitive Edition - Mission #34 - Arms Shortage - Walkthrough Gameplay

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2022.01.27 14:37 JED756 Don’t use instant transfer if you regularly withdraw to external wallet.

Yesterday I had $36 I wanted to transfer to crypto.com to load back on my visa and I saw that they now supported instant deposits from bank. Awesome, let me try it. Boom $36 credited to my account, but I can’t load it in my visa because it’s still pending with the bank. Ok that makes sense so I can’t just liquidate fraudulent funds. So I leave that in my fiat wallet and am waiting for it to complete the transaction. So I use crypto.com to regularly swap my mining funds for fiat or another currency and then withdraw for use in different exchanges. Well this is the really annoying part:
I can’t withdraw my mining income because I have a pending deposit. Even thought the $36 is still in my fiat wallet, it will not let me withdraw ANYTHING unless I leave a $36 buffer for any currency. Say I wanna take $100 cro from my wallet and stake in defi. Nope I can only do $64, even thought that $36 is in my fiat wallet still. This absolutely to me defeats the point of doing an instant transfer at all. I’d rather wait 3 days until the funds deposit than have it immediately and my account be “locked”.
TLDR; If you use an instant deposit from your bank, you cannot withdraw anything unless you have a buffer of the same amount of the pending deposit in that same currency, for any currency you want to withdraw.
In the end, some of this is my fault I’m sure somewhere it says this in the terms. BUT when I leave that $36 in my fiat wallet I expected to still be able to transact my existing crypto normally.
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2022.01.27 14:37 Neiltard Need help with co-op trophys. PS5 remake

Need help with Unwelcome Guest and Return to Form
Im unable to find people by setting down signs etc.
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2022.01.27 14:37 iccaecumsa 💥 🐶Atom Floki | Just Launched | 💎 DEVS KYC with GemFinder| ✅ Major Marketing Incoming | x1000 Gem 🚀| Join the most ATOM community 💥

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2022.01.27 14:37 AssociateClean [Bogert] New England Revolution sporting director and head coach Bruce Arena, speaking on local 98.5 radio, was asked about a potential transfer of USMNT and reigning MLS GK of the Year Matt Turner to Arsenal: "The likelihood of that happening is pretty strong."

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2022.01.27 14:37 techtrician How much does it cost to change a hydraulic manifold?

Kubota l4760 how much would it be to change the hydraulic manifold and/or have it changed?
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2022.01.27 14:37 RamblingKitaabiKeera Streak 13 - tous les jours

Je n'aime pas parler. Je suis réservée et préférer écouter. Donc, quand je commençais à apprendre le français, j'ai pensé que ce serait difficile. Je lirais et voilà, je parlerais couramment.
Bien sûr, je me rends compte que ce n'est pas si facile. Mais, j'essaie d'améliorer ma compréhension de la langue.
C'est à cause de ça que j'écris tous les jours même si je suis fatiguée et ne pas pouvoir penser.
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2022.01.27 14:37 fatcatstud Need a second opinion. Just received booster boxes with the most loose wrapping I've ever seen. Do these seem like repacks? I'm contemplating a return. Thanks

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