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2022.01.27 14:37 veganmark Steve Phillips MD - Covid has pulled back the curtain on widespread corruption. It's a shock for most docs as to just how deep this corruption flows. But as someone who's fought corruption on behalf of chronic Lyme patients for 25 yrs, it's no shock. But it still saddens me to the core.

Steve Phillips MD - Covid has pulled back the curtain on widespread corruption. It's a shock for most docs as to just how deep this corruption flows. But as someone who's fought corruption on behalf of chronic Lyme patients for 25 yrs, it's no shock. But it still saddens me to the core. submitted by veganmark to WayOfTheBern [link] [comments]

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2022.01.27 14:37 NotApplicableMC Fancy Mouse Care Guide 🐭 Part 2 🐭 Bedding & Cage Items

This is a continuation of my Fancy Mouse Care Guide series. See part 1 here for intro, contents, & disclaimers. Please note these posts are best viewed on PC reddit due to formatting issues, but they are still readable on mobile reddit too.
This part covers Bedding and Cage Supplies.
🌫️ Bedding 🌫️ Bedding refers to the layer of material in the base of the cage (also known as substrate). Mice have very sensitive respiratory systems so you need to find dust free, scent free, baking soda free beddings.
❗ Be mindful that different countries have different manufacturing processes so some beddings might be safe in some countries and not others (e.g. most pine bedding is kiln dried and safe in the UK, but not the USA).
❕ Just because some beddings work for some mice, doesn't mean they'll work for yours; your mice might have unique allergies & health problems which means you have to carefully select bedding to fit their needs.
βœ”οΈ I recommend mixing different types of bedding so you can benefit from the pros & cons of different types, and mixed beddings tend to be better for building tunnels with.
You have a number of different options for bedding with various pros & cons. For more details, see Emiology's video on safe mouse beddings. Here's a quick summary:

Type of Bedding Pros Cons Recommend as main bedding?
Plant-based & hardwood bedding (aspen, birch, hemp, aubiose, flax) Great odour & ammonia control, high absorption. Good for foraging in (for enrichment). Can be expensive & hard to find in regular pet stores. You can lower the cost by buying in bulk from horse/chicken suppliers, and it's easy to get online. πŸ‘ Yes. Must be dust-extracted.
Paper-based (carefresh, kaytee clean n cozy, teabag bedding) Big brands are easily available in most regular pet stores, low allergen levels, soft, great for foraging in. Not so good at ammonia control. Some brands are expensive. Batches of the same brand can differ in quality/dust levels. Do not use scented bedding or ones with baking soda. πŸ‘ Yes, but mix with some wood-based/plant-based bedding for more ammonia control
Pellets (back 2 nature) Easily available, low allergen levels, safe. Expensive, not good for foraging & enrichment. Rough. πŸ‘Ž No, but has low allergens so can be a last resort for mice that are allergic to other types of bedding.
Fleece Soft, that's about it. Poor provider of enrichment, poor scent & ammonia control. Can be expensive if you have to replace it regularly. ❌ No
Softwood bedding (pine, spruce, but not cedar or fir) Easily available. Good value for money. Great odour & ammonia control, high absorption. Good enrichment provider. Some woods are not safe, i.e. not kiln dried. Wood bedding must be kiln dried & dust extracted. Coarse & rough. Can upset allergies. Sometimes mice don't agree with it, even the "safe" types. Its use is contested among online communities. πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž Yes & no... it MUST be kiln dried and dust extracted; this can be hard to find in the US. Some mice are upset by softwood bedding regardless (respiratory issues/allergies) so be careful.
Paper (cardboard, shredded paper, newspaper, toilet paper, tissue paper, etc) Cheap/free, soft-ish, easily available. Low absorption, poor scent & ammonia control. Some dyed paper is not safe. πŸ‘Ž No. Paper by itself does not control ammonia. Mix it with other beddings or just use as nesting material.
Soil (coco fibre, fertiliser-free & peat-free soil) Great enrichment provider, okay odour control, okay absorption. Soft. Pretty good value for money. Can be unsafe for main bedding if you don't do your research (can carry mites & mould etc). Not the best ammonia control unless truly bio-active. Bio-active setups are high maintenance and need lots of research. πŸ‘Ž Not recommended for first-time mouse owners for main bedding, but I do recommend putting some into a separate dig box for enrichment πŸ‘
Hay/Grasses Good enrichment, can be added to main bedding to improve tunnel structure. Smells nice. Not the best odour & ammonia control, low absorption. πŸ‘Ž Not as main bedding but good for nesting material & improving tunnel structure πŸ‘ Must be dust extracted.

πŸ“ Bedding Depth πŸ“
Mice need a minimum of 3 inches of bedding. This is because they like to dig, make tunnel systems, and hide in the bedding. I personally recommend 6 - 10 inches of bedding (the more the better). Keep in mind that more bedding means that you won't see them as much because they'll spend more time underground, but personally I don't mind because I know that my mice are happier this way. More bedding is also more expensive, so go for 3 - 6 inches if you have a lower budget.
βœ”οΈ Tip: Compress down the bedding as you put it in. Don't leave it all fluffy. This is because the mice will compress the bedding as they walk on it, meaning you actually have a shorter depth of bedding than you originally thought. Pat it down to get the true depth of your bedding.
You can also choose to have separate sections of the cage with different depths/types of bedding. You can use bendy bridges to fence off different sections, or put in dig boxes.

πŸ’‘ tldr; see table above for safe beddings, provide 3 - 10 inches of bedding depth.

πŸ“¦ Cage Supplies πŸ“¦ Mice require a number of items in their cage. See part 1 for visual examples of good & bad cage setups.
β˜‘οΈ At minimum, you need:
βœ… To provide the best care, you should also provide:
⚠️ Dangerous items you must avoid:
Unlike hamsters, mice do not need bathing sand and it can be dangerous for them. Mice are very clean animals and don't need sand or baths.

πŸ›οΈ Nesting Material πŸ’€
Nest material refers to the stuff your mice like to sleep in. If you have soft bedding like Carefresh, the mice can sleep in that, but if if you have rough bedding like wood shavings, you need to provide something soft for them to sleep in.
⚠️ Do not use woollen nest materials such as this. Fluffy cotton/woollen nest materials are dangerous because they can get wrapped around toes & feet and cut off blood circulation. They can also get stuck in their teeth, and if ingested, can cause blockages in the digestive tract. Despite the name, this bedding is not safe either due to it being made of long woollen fibres (just avoid any nest material that lists wool or cotton on the packaging).
βœ”οΈ Appropriate nesting material:
Simply scatter nesting material around the cage and add some to hides & tunnels. Your mice will have hours of fun gathering up nest material, ripping it apart, and building their nests. Add more nesting material than usual in the winter months to make sure they keep warm.

🍲 Food & Water Bowls 🧫
I do not use food bowls unless I need to monitor how much my mice are eating. It is much more interesting & enriching for your mice if you scatter the food around the cage and hide it in different places.
Water can be provided in a bowl or bottle. I like to use both. I've found that my mice prefer the more natural drinking position a water bowl provides, but in case the water evaporates or otherwise becomes inaccessible, they always have a water bottle to make sure they remain hydrated.
Water should be changed every 1-2 days. Water bowls should be changed everyday, and multiple times a day in hot weather when it might evaporate. Every time you replace the water in the bottle, test that it is working with your finger.
βœ”οΈ Tip: keep your water bowl on a shelf/platform so it doesn't get buried in the bedding.
βœ”οΈ Tip: If you house your mice in a tank, you can use industrial-strength Velcro to stick the water bottle onto the side. This will free up some space for you to put more hides and toys in, and is also much more convenient.

πŸ•³οΈ Hides & Tunnels πŸ•³οΈ
Add as many hides & tunnels as you can. Remember, mice feel safest in cluttered cages with lots of places to hide. Hides can be made from plastic, ceramic, or wood. Plastic and ceramic hides are easier to clean, but wooden hides are safe to chew on.
🚿 To fully clean & disinfect wooden hides & toys, soak them in hot water and dish soap for an hour, then bake in the oven at 100oC for 20 minutes. For regular cleans just soak them in hot water & dish soap for 30 minutes.
⚠️ Do not use "edible" hides like Snack Shacks such as this. They are made from a mixture of wood and food. Mice cannot digest wood. They chew on wood, but they do not swallow it. Edible hides can therefore be dangerous.
Unlike with hamsters*, all tunnels are safe for mice. You can use empty toilet rolls and kitchen rolls and they can fit in them just fine.
\a lot of commercially produced tunnels are not big enough for hamsters to safely use. Syrians need tunnels with a diameter of 2.5in (6cm)) or more

⛓️ Climbing toys & hanging toys ⛓️
Mice are extremely agile and enjoy climbing. You should provide toys that utilise the full height of your cage. Again, mice prefer clutter so add as many toys as you can. Examples of climbing toys include ladders, ledges, climbing frames, bridges, seesaws, and tree branches. Hanging toys can be in the form of ropes, swings, hammocks, hanging hides, and hanging climbing frames.
If you want to save money, hides & toys are very easy to DIY using empty toilet rolls, popsicle sticks, and string. Just use non-toxic glue, such as glue for kids.
❌ I do not recommend providing your own tree branches you find outside - they need to be properly treated so they are safe to chew on. Buy branches from pet stores in the bird and reptile section.
❓ There's some debate about whether rope is safe for your mice or not. I've heard some owners say that the fibres are unsafe when swallowed but I've personally used ropes for ages with no issues, and they are extremely commonplace in setups I see online. It's ultimately your decision to use ropes or not.

🐭 Chew Toys 🐭
Mice's teeth never stop growing throughout their lifetime. Therefore, you need to provide toys for them to gnaw on to grind their teeth down. You should provide lots of different types of chews so your mice have options to choose from.
βœ”οΈ Appropriate chew toys:
You might find that regardless of providing chew toys your mice still decide to chew their hides instead. This is normal, you only need to worry if the chewing is excessive which can indicate boredom or stress.

πŸƒ Wheels πŸƒ
Unlike with hamsters, wheels for mice are not compulsory. However, I believe that mice greatly benefit from wheels and I hardly ever set up my cage without one.
Wheels must be at minimum 8 inches or 20cm in diameter. Even though mice are smaller than hamsters, they need wheels just as big due to their tails which double their body length. Your wheel is too small if the tail curls up over the mouse as they run. This is uncomfortable for them and can cause wheel tail (when their tails are stuck permanently curled over their bodies).
⚠️ Do not use mesh or wire wheels, or any wheel with a crossbar. Mesh wheels can cause painful bumble foot and crossbars are death traps! Image of unsafe wheel with crossbar.
You will need more wheels if you have more mice. I recommend sharing one wheel between 2-3 mice depending on how much they like to use wheels. So if you have 4-5 mice you should have 2 wheels, 6-8 mice should have 3 wheels, etc. If your mice really like wheels then consider giving them one each (this is just another reason why bigger cages are better).
Flying saucer wheels are okay, but I recommend having a regular upright wheel as the main wheel if you choose to also use flying saucers. Flying saucers are good if your mice like to use the wheel at the same time as each other, but they can be forced to curve their backs which is uncomfortable. I also recommend going a size up to reduce back curving, so minimum diameter should be 9 inches or more.
βœ”οΈ Tip: If your mice have a habit of burying their wheel, put in a platform or shelf for the wheel to stand on. Another option is zip-tying the wheel to the top of the cage.
πŸ’‘ tldr; I recommend standard upright wheels 8 - 12 inches in diameter (but honestly you can't go too big as long as the mice can move it). Emiology made a video on wheel recommendations.

🌿 Foraging toys & boredom busters πŸ₯±
Mice are intelligent so they need lots of enrichment and entertainment. You should add toys to the cage that make food more challenging to get. You can buy foraging toys & boredom busters, but you can also easily DIY them e.g. stuffing toilet roll with tissue/paper and food.
A boredom buster my mice absolutely love is a dig box. Simply add some coco fibre to a large tub, bury some food in it, and they will spend hours digging in it! See a demo from Emiology.

πŸ’‘ tldr; your mice need food, water, hides, bedding, chews, and toys. Add absolutely as many hides, tunnels, and toys as possible because mice prefer cluttered cages. Avoid dangerous items listed above. Wheels need to be 8 inches or bigger.
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2022.01.27 14:37 ARavenHairedMaiden Anyone trying new loc products or home made stuff this year?

I’ve got all these old products from before the pandemic that wouldn’t really work since I have been loc’d since Oct β€˜21. Heavy creams and oils don’t seem to mesh well with this hair style. Would appreciate some product recommendations, especially from those with smaller locs too since mine are tiny.
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2022.01.27 14:37 as_fast_as_sloth_ Imagine a country trying to to put their borders to your nation by any way possible , then you see your country's soldiers does the job which those goddamn soldiers are supposed to do ...

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BEST IPTV [H] +15 000 Channels & +40 000 VOD|USA,UK, CAN, AUS EURO ASIAN AFRICAN & LATINO... |7/24 Channels, PPV and Catch-Up, EPG |+800 ORDERS AND CUSTOMERS |VOD multi-languages (Netfix, Prime...) | [W] yearly subscription($32.99/Year) Payment | PayPal & CC | submitted by Business_Hat1 to forsale [link] [comments]

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2022.01.27 14:37 Pettyinblack baby can now fall asleep on his own but is waking up more often.

I dont know what happened. he is now able to fall asleep o. his own but he is waking up every 2 hours when he used to sleep for 4-6. is this sleep regression? is just under 6 months old.
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2022.01.27 14:37 MidnightWolf03 Iridescent shards

So when are you supposed to be rewarded iridescent shards from xp? I played several matches as both killer and survivor and I get no shards unless I level up. Are all these articles stating you get shards from xp a lie? Or is it shards from xp because you get some when you level up? is my shit not working or did I misunderstand?
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2022.01.27 14:37 sociallyawkweird Urgent help needed with Endnote bibliograpahy for my dissertation, it is driving me insane.

For my bibliography, if the author name is John F Smith, it is listed in the Bibliography as" JF, S." I edited the reference to make sure I had entered it correctly and it says "Smith, J. F." on Endnote. I am not sure why it is doing this and it is beyond frustrating. Please help me!
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2022.01.27 14:37 Logical_Area5597 Thinking about swapping gyms?

I have used Planet Fitness for literally years (off and on, currently not enrolled) across the country as I've moved around but now I'm in New York, duh, and I keep hearing people say to go with Blink. Can I get some advice?
I'm not trying to body build, or go too hard, I just like cardio a lot and use exercise to pretty much maintain my weight but I do have a gym partner who isn't familiar with gyms so another reason I like Planet Fitness is the free plus 1 part. Which membership would benefit me the most?
I live very close to bother a blink and a PF so distance isn't a problem. I dont know how much blink is but I doubt price is a problem either!
P.S; Yes I know I can exercise at home and such but gyms give me a better sense of focus and drive to actually complete it all.
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2022.01.27 14:37 AdministrationNo3665 I like honey! But you know what I don't like? ________.

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2022.01.27 14:37 Collective1985 [Inv] Granted. You have to clean up the mess that the previous administration left by tomorrow!

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2022.01.27 14:37 Adultknees Caesers is terrible

In Louisiana we signed up early for a $100 free bet and a $1,000 deposit match and now, before betting even starts, they're offering new people $300 free bet and $3,000 deposit match.
Why offer an early sign up bonus when a month later you'll triple the pre-sign up bonus? Then tell the first group "too bad".
It's not right.
I emailed customer service and they just say they've been getting complaints but basically tough luck.
All 6 other books kept the same bonus. Caesers should give an option to choose if they're going to offer 2 bonuses before betting even starts.
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2022.01.27 14:37 RoscoeP1234 This weekend I finally get to try Hamilton and Denizen rums.

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2022.01.27 14:37 saud456437 What is a woman? ( Serious )

I believe many have watched Dr Phil’s Matt Walsh and Addison’s Debate and discussion. I believe Matt asked a crucial question, which is β€œwhat is a woman?”
This was sparked by the fact that Addison said that trans women are women, the problem is she did not define and cannot define what a woman is. Matt defined woman as an adult human female ( which is the Oxford dictionary definitions a woman ).
Addison and Ethan said that they cannot define a woman because they identify as women. Which is illogical, because to say that is to say that you can’t define what you don’t identify as. Just because I don’t identify as a cup of coffee, doesn’t mean that I cannot define what a cup of coffee is.
Addison went to say that a woman is someone who identifies as a woman. This can go on in a circle forever.
It is impossible to β€œidentify” as a woman if you cannot define what a woman is.
No hate is intended to anyone, I just want a real answer:)
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