controller not connecting

2021.12.05 08:31 RTGCYT controller not connecting

When i launch sideswipe and have already connected my controller to my phone but i cant do anything in the game... i got an xbox controller btw.
Anyone that can help me??????
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2021.12.05 08:31 P4r4d0_x get ready

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2021.12.05 08:31 G0d_0f_Mistakes Help to know the true.... literally drowning

Hi redditers! this is my first post but I been in reddit for couple of years, I need advice about a problem. I don't mind you to be harsh, laugh about me, but please be HONEST, I don't have anyone who I can call friend so I will use this answers to improve, understand and continue work in my problem.
10 years ago my girlfriend died in a car accident in Spain, I decided to move to UK ( London) to be able to continue with my life and be able to get over this massive wound, I not able to explain how I felt for many many years, I still having nightmares, and reminding from time to time the whole thing but I was able to somehow continue with my life.
Here in UK I started to work in a restaurant where I meet a Polish woman she was 30 years old ( I was 25). I instantly started to talk to her in my breaks, text her after work but nothing more.
The day before Christmas all the ppl was having few drinks at the restaurant, she was a bit tipsy and for a while we was alone. few seconds after we started to kiss. (Oh boy the feeling was nothing I ever felt before, I loved the person who passed away, but never felt this kind of connection with her as I did with this person) Instantly I tried to meet her everyday and spend every second I had free, she wasn't so interested or didn't need spend all her time with me but slowly this started to change.
At this time she purchased a flat where we lived (until we broke up 6 months ago) Things was good, we spend all the time free together, started to sleep ( just sleep) together 3 or 4 times per week and I started to know her really well. By this time I can assure she was in love with me. One month after we started to sleep together we made love, I was in the clouds I never felt I could love someone like I did with her, couple of months after I moved to her flat, and 6 months after she got pregnant. ( we always slept together without any protection) My first reaction was to tell her you must abort, I had no idea how I could be a dad and provide this child all her needs. She is catholic and said no, I could leave her and she will do it alone but she will not do this under any circumstance. I did knew she would love to be mom, she is responsible, she never used drugs don't drink, now don't smoke and is everything I don't. After couple of days I told her sorry and I would be the most happy man in this world be dad of this child and her partner.
For circumstances beyond my control I had to find another job, and I finished working as a head chef of a club, (Im always gonna regret to accept this job) Everyday plenty of alcohol, working till late and I started to sleep in the flat above, cos it was dangerous go drunk from Central London to bermonsey. Long History short one night I drunk a bit more than I should and I finished having sex with a waitress and she started to chase me everyday and I made the mistake to give her attention. My girlfriend find out and she had an argument, I gave my reasons and after a good discussion I finished my affair and we continue our life, this waitress left the work days after I told her was over.
Since this day I know something changed cos I never felt the unconditional love I felt before. Until she gave birth, we never slept toguether again and I started to sleep in the living room cos I was smoking weed before sleep.
The day she gave birth the ppl from the hospital didnt let me stay there and I got drunk at home and I called a escort.
I told her weeks after, was just sex I need to relief myself cos was over 8 months without sex.
She got upset and since then I started to sleep in the living room.
Moving forward many years later we have a conversation about our relation, she was barely talking to me, always critisizing every thing I say or do and I started to fall in a huge depresion, believe or not she was less in love with me but I was more in love every day.
we made love few times but she started to request me to use comdon, actually she said before get pregnant again with me she will shoot herself. this destroyed me.
I started to close myself in, she continued talking to me really bad, dont want tell anyone I was in her life. And I made another mistake I started to smoke class A drugs to relief myself and be able to cope with the fact she hated me and she wanted me to leave her house (Even if she never told me) After a year without sleep together ( and the few times we did before this time was cos she was typsy) I told her I had an addiction to this drugs this killed the relation, she didnt even tried to help me to recover from this she didn't wanted me more.
One day she was meeting few friends outside of London and she ignored me like always, and I found a envelope with 3k ( she always was asking for more money and I have a good work, I never asked for what, she always had her account and I was sending money to her so she payed the bills) I left the house this day, I just wanted to call her attention, never thought to steal this money, when she realized the money was missing told me she don't want me to step there anymore, I sent the money to her account. and I found a place to stay.
Since day one I told her I just wanted to call her attention, and I didn't want to finish our relation. But somehow I knew this was over she didn't have any feelings left for me.
I recover from my addiction, never disagreed with any of her request never asked to stay with my daughter unless she trusted me about this matter. I have not stay with lia more than 1h for the last 6 months.
Few days ago we finally spoke about the future of our relation and her words was.
We should be friends for the moment, she need to ensure I can keep clean and maybe we will never live together for the foreseeable future. She want to take the things slow and if in the future she feel it we will be a couple again. I always felt undervalorated, and never loved for her. Now she tells me this and I need to agree to this if I want a chance. Is too hard for me see her and keep the distances, if I'm lucky I can see them once a week, and constantly ignored. I don't believe she wants to be back with me, but she don't tell me the true cos she wants my daughter have both parents. But is destroying me, I constantly make myself guilty of everything and put myself down so maybe she would give me another chance.
My sister and mom stopped to talk to me they say I would finish commiting suicide cos the will hurt me again and they dont want to see it know it.
I dont know what to do, I love them soo much I will be always waiting a call a message or meet them for few mins but the rest of the week is painful sometimes I have though to end my life so I will stop to suffer. Cos I see this is going nowhere and Im not able to get over this, I had a child with her, for me there is no another woman in this world I would love.
I need help to understand and see the reality. If she dont love me and she dont want to try again fine but need to know the true..... this cant continue more time. Im gonna lost the few energies I have continue waking up in the morning, for me is all black , I have lost the willing to live, be so lonely is unbearable i don't want to have a life like this.
Thanks for the time to read this
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2021.12.05 08:31 Kvtujof1097 Can building too much buildings reduce farmland?

My map was built before the biome update, and buildings didn't have much space between them.
I only noticed that the fields were limited to a few small patches (in some cases none at all) after several villages' population fell from 300 to, on average, 40.
What can i do to keep the inhabitants from starving themselves to death?
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2021.12.05 08:31 gl_yCogeneconomIc Bhad Bhabie - Wow Nipple ♥

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2021.12.05 08:31 IAmTheLetterF Would you join this steam group?

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2021.12.05 08:31 hwhwhhwhwzzh Mein deutscher Freund hat meine türkische Mutter geschwängert, was soll ich tun?

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2021.12.05 08:31 -knafeh- Feeling stuck due to my anger and inability to let go

I’ve shared my story on this sub previously. I am currently in the process of recovering from a narcissistic friendship-situationship that lasted about 18 months. I met him in January 2020, cut him off in October 2020, and blocked him everywhere in July 2021 when he tried to hoover me again. I have now been NC with him for 5 months and plan on keeping it that way forever, the only catch being that we work in the same office and see each other every once in a while.
To give you some context, he basically approached me at work himself and love-bombed the hell out of me. After a month of doing this he told me that he was actually already engaged to someone else and that he had not been trying to make a move but was just trying to get to know me. He said that he felt like we had a connection and that this connection had a spiritual purpose but that he wanted to explore what it was while just being friends. He also admitted to having feelings for me. He kept telling me that he felt “wrong” and “guilty” for having feelings for me while being in a relationship with someone else, that he never wanted to wrong or hurt his fiancée and that he had told me clearly that he was committed to someone because it would be wrong to string me along without telling me the truth. He made himself look like a very honest and principled person by saying all of these things and so believed every word. I thought he really didn’t want to hurt his fiancée or be unfaithful to her. But the thing is that he didn’t tell her about me and he kept communicating with me regularly himself despite feeling “wrong” for having feelings for me. He would also breadcrumb me a lot, would say/do mildly flirtatious things while still maintaining that we were just friends and could only remain friends. He would also keep telling me that although he was marrying her by choice he was confused between two people he “loved” and that it was very hard on him. There was a lot of gaslighting and future-faking in that equation and it has become clear to me now after over a year of therapy that his behaviour was not normal and that I did in fact go through each and every stage of the cycle of abuse with him. He was taking advantage of my vulnerabilities to feel good about himself. He did everything he could to establish power and control over me under the whose of benevolence and care.
All of that is in the past. He got married to that girl very recently. Therapy has rally helped me process everything and see it for what it is. I have been able to experience the anger and grief I was holding back quite fully and i have found this to be quite healthy. My issue, however, is that I feel really stuck in the anger. I feel an immense amount of anger towards him, to the point where I just naturally find myself cursing him over and over again in my heart. I find myself wishing for terrible things to happen to him. Anger is not bad; it is healthy. But I feel I am attaching too much importance here to him and what will happen to him. I feel I am doing this to give myself a sense of “control” but in reality I can not actually control what happens to him in his life and so I am actually only giving my trauma even more control over myself. I want to get to a point of letting go where I have moved on from him completely and he does not matter to me in the slightest but I am finding it very hard to even motivate myself to get to that point.
I was wondering if anyone here has experienced something similar. I would be grateful for any insight or advice you might be able to share on how to overcome this. Thank you!!
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2021.12.05 08:31 roncburj Just out of random curiosity, anyone do a bluetooth mouse that looks like a telegram machine yet?

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2021.12.05 08:31 Tenarion Which is better, one strong fleet or multiple weaker fleets?

I started playing 2 days ago, invested about 110$. I'm right now at planet 6 and I'm kinda confused. Should I create another 600MP fleet or upgrade the same one up to 1200MP or more? My actual fleet is level 14, rank C, with 4 ships and 8 workers, 656MP and 78% chance on planet 6.
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2021.12.05 08:31 Aggressive_Bed_9774 Nagaland killings: rioting as Indian security forces shoot dozen civilians

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2021.12.05 08:31 nightmaaan43 Çok tatlılar 😍

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2021.12.05 08:31 Glittering_Meeting42 I need a name for my first cat I found on the streets

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2021.12.05 08:31 Budget-Block3728 breakfast for today (the combination seitan with hummus and beans was amazing)

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2021.12.05 08:31 killHACKS Smush. Unsmush.

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2021.12.05 08:31 SirAsker [No Spoilers] Bioreactor Ladder Glitch

I accidentally put a ladder inside my bioreactor, and I can't remove it by going to the second floor, because there's another bioreactor there as well. Is there any game files that I could edit to remove the ladder that's inside the bioreactor, or a file that contains unfinished seabase modules that I could delete in order to get rid of this stupid ladder? (NOTE: I don't want to use console commands, because they will disable achievements.)
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2021.12.05 08:31 PeinlichPimmler Wahn 🅱️u🅱️ertz lekal her Lintber?

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2021.12.05 08:31 Altruistic-Finance68 Interesting, when did Uber supply us?

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2021.12.05 08:31 Lucky-Conclusion7515 Does anyone know how to fix this?

Every time I try to launch the natural color reshade mod this text pops up. Can anyone help? Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.05 08:31 biggar59 something strange

I wonder if anyone saw strange lights just after dark last night. Would have been north west of the city.
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2021.12.05 08:31 Rapama2 Global Dharmic Brotherhood - Indian Marxists are more "Mlechha" than Foreign Hindus - "Mlechha" is a Mindset, not a Skin Complexion - Any Person With Anti-Vedic Mindset is Mlechha

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2021.12.05 08:31 Sparkle_Sam MyOwnVerse is now present with their NFT galleries on Reddit!

MyOwnVerse is now present with their NFT galleries on Reddit! After working on bringing out the first batches of NFT galleries to both artists and collectors, we have worked on expanding on social media.
Why you ask?
Because we want to give everyone a space where they can talk about the endless possibilities of bringing up their own NFTs to VR NFT galleries.
So let's come together, collaborate and give the best possible NFT experience to everyone together!
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2021.12.05 08:31 ZacHefner 🙈🙉🙊

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2021.12.05 08:31 bananabrainz4 First story I'm writing 😄

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2021.12.05 08:31 ARREST_HILLARY_NOW 'Make hanging traitors great again:' CNN finds problematic ads sold by Facebook

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