$30,000 to invest, aiming for a balance of DRP and growth opportunities.

2021.10.20 17:41 senpaiBont $30,000 to invest, aiming for a balance of DRP and growth opportunities.

Want to have about 15-20K in ETFs Nice to have ETFs with exposure to US and AU ETFs must have DRP 10K for long-term growth plays
How would you do it?
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2021.10.20 17:41 The_Nauticus What's going on with SWA?

I've been flying SWA for 5 years, business and pleasure, A lister, and I've had more problems in the past 3 days than I've had in 5 years.
I've been 100% happy and satisfied until now.
What is going on?
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2021.10.20 17:41 Vegetable-Arm3100 (FREE) Drake Type Beat 2021 ~ "NOTE TO SELF"

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2021.10.20 17:41 UnsightedJoker Melee Build recommendations please.

Recently I decided that I'm gonna play the campaign one last time before uninstalling the game to have more memory space, I've done a smooth talker, a sharpshooter and other builds and every single one I never or almost never used melee weapons except for the beginning but I decided I wanted to try something different to every play I've done.
So the solution in my mind was go melee only (which is the opposite of what I go for usually) so I want to ask what are the best perks and skill trees to have? what do you guys recommend?
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2021.10.20 17:41 ChemicalVermicelli30 23 [M4A] Boreeeed.

WAH feels HAHAHAHAHAHA. U wanna talk about anything? Hmu! I'm down for talk until 6AM! N/SFW welcome~
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2021.10.20 17:41 CPA-CGA Come on guys…

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2021.10.20 17:41 moose-mouse Why doesn’t the RCC lobby to close vasectomy clinics and outlaw the procedure?

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2021.10.20 17:41 Fearless_Bus8809 Please Is it possible to unlock this??

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2021.10.20 17:41 YankeetheGreater Another headlight restoration. More info in the comments. Posting this because this is a perfect example as how you can't always get them factory fresh!

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2021.10.20 17:41 DodgersFan714 [FOR SALE] (2) Dodgers Tickets Tonight NLCS Game 4 at Dodger Stadium

Dodger Stadium Reserve 15 TONIGHT at 5pm Dodgers and Julio Urias NLCS Game 4 vs. Atlanta Enter on field level and take new elevator directly to Reserve and your seats. Contact me anytime via PM Buy with confidence. Trusted seller and STH that has sold to many satisfied buyers here on Reddit since 2015.
Payment via PayPal and tickets will be transferred via MLB ballpark app and my Dodgers account
$135 each Thank you.
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2021.10.20 17:41 mafu1212 Popradské pleso (Vysoké Tatry) - Slovakia

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2021.10.20 17:41 82friendly Podcast: Horror Hall Of Fame 1990-1992

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2021.10.20 17:41 MikelLevesque Does semen culture identify Mycoplasma?

I am doing a semen culture this weekend after a doctor said I should do one in February. The symptoms are on and off so I never really bothered. Balanoposthitis has become worse and I want to have sex again.
I am reading that semen culture spots Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma and I am getting on a call with a diagnostics center tomorrow. But I thought I would check with people who know more about this before I proceed.
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2021.10.20 17:41 KEKISTOWSKI A street. Which areas should I improve the most?

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2021.10.20 17:41 Nicolass__s Fix the servers already

The servers are still not working... I would have pulled my skins out while back but i haven't been able to. Please fix the site..
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2021.10.20 17:41 wbradleyjr1 NATO WANTS TO WEAPONIZE YOUR BRAIN

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2021.10.20 17:41 wheelerandrew Reddit apps on Windows 11 can't sign in

Hi. I'm a long time user of the Readit UWP store app on Windows 10, but signing in on Windows 11 fails after entering username and password, then allowing access. I get an endless spinning wheel, and nothing happens, even after closing and reopening the app or giving up and restarting my computer.
I've tried Baconit, and Infinity, as well. Same problem, basically. With these two I do get the confirmation email that I've signed in, but I'm not. The Baconit app flashes then disappears just after I open the app, and the Infinity app just greets me with the sign in page again. I've tried it numerous times with all three apps, reinstalling each time, and even revoking reddit access for them before trying again.
Does anyone else have this problem or found a solution? Is it just me? It's not the password, I've checked it signing out and in again in a browser. Any suggestions welcome, and if it's not me but there IS an app that does work I'd appreciate knowing which one.
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2021.10.20 17:41 spotify-throwaway Breaking Into Robotics

Hey everyone. I’m an undergrad and I’m considering trying to learn more about robotics and perception. However, I’m not enjoying my low level computer organization class (circuits, assembly, etc). I was wondering if those topics correlate to the robotics field and if a dislike for those topics would likely mean a dislike for robotics. Thanks!
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2021.10.20 17:41 MrBuckBuck What Murphy's Law do you encounter the most?

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2021.10.20 17:41 Kanine__ Last Wish Riven Taktik

I need to shepherd some kids and one parent of a kid; So, I need to know how to cheese Riven in the end, I haven't played the Raid since the beginning of Shadow Keep.
So how do we cheese Riven nowadays (They probably don't have many exotics and experience)
Also is there a method there I could finish riven almost alone ?
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2021.10.20 17:41 nem_v_39 Kirinmaru left horn and arm now makes sense

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2021.10.20 17:41 Great_Organization_2 sexual desire increase please help i cant controll it

guys help i have rocd and i experience a really high weird desire towards my partner idk wtf happened or where it came from and its been annoying for me and for my gf too
idk what to do..i cant calm my sexual desire no matter what i do ..i even take SSRI pills and it just keeps growing its uncontrollable ;(( its been two weeks like that idk what's going on nothing is working and it just keeps growing :(((
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2021.10.20 17:41 Gnome_Sane Republicans, Democrats and Treasury wrangle over effects of Biden's new IRS bank account reporting proposal Democrats say they would exempt wage income and people with less than $10,000 of overall yearly bank activity

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2021.10.20 17:41 aflett182 Untitled (for now) mysterious adventure?

Bit of a back story to put this in to some sort of context…
I used to really enjoy writing but life got in the way they say! Now that winter is approaching I’ve found myself twiddling my thumbs at night. Writing hadn’t came into my head until one night I had a really bizarre dream. I dream quite often and it is usually weird non sensical stuff but when I woke up this dream wouldn’t leave me.
So my partner suggested, I write it down and see where it goes. It’s a very short story so far and I have a rough idea where it’s heading but I was keen to put the first few paragraphs out there and see what response it gets…
I’m excited about getting back into the world of writing and very excited to have platforms like these to share.
Hope you enjoy passing a few minutes with this wee story,
He had had enough. I don’t really blame him, it had all been downhill since his diagnosis. A few years ago, must be nearly 4, his sight started to deteriorate. Fast. He used to be a high-flying accountant. Doesn’t sound that interesting but he made good money and got home every night so he was living the dream. Initially adjustments were made at the company to accommodate him, it did work for a while but dealing with all the adjustments in his life was a lot. Too much really. It got to the point when he couldn’t carry on working, they were good to him though. He got a decent pay out and his wife is still head of department at the local high school so the bills are being paid. Struggling with being almost completely blind was one thing but not being the breadwinner, that was one that stung. James wasn’t that sort of man who wanted to be the man of the house but he wanted to care for his family, which I always admired.
We had always been friends; guess you would say thick as thieves. Different points of our lives we had drifted apart but when we reunited it was like no time had passed.
I was pretty skeptical about Trevor but it was in support for my friend, I knew it was bullshit but maybe once he realized that too then he would accept the hand he’s been dealt and get on with life. Surely once you find yourself in this guy's motel room then you know it's your last resort? I played the part, made the right noises because at the end of the day this wasn’t about me and I wasn’t going to make it about me. What else do I have to do on a Wednesday evening? Once we’ve got through the next hour then we could go down to the bar I spotted on the way here. Trevor spotted us walking into the entrance of the car park and he seemed to know it was us just by looking at us. He stood beside a pillar that was supporting the upper level of rooms with one foot resting on the pillar. He was dressed in mostly dark clothing and looked like he dressed the same most days. He nodded his head as a motion of acknowledgment and threw his cigarette on the ground. He started sauntering across the car park and we just followed him. We walked through the car park, in front of us was 2 levels of identical doors and windows. I’m not entirely sure if people lived, worked or came here on holiday? Maybe a mix of all of those, definitely some colorful characters anyway and I wasn’t keen on enquiring what brought them to stay here. Trevor’s door was on the lower floor about half way along, underneath the walkway for the upstairs rooms. He opened the door and we followed him in. Now that I was inside, I still couldn’t figure out if he lived here or worked from this room. The light wasn’t great, I had to squint and wait a moment for my eyes to adjust before I could navigate inside. I think it may have been to set the tone, a mystical ambient light but more likely it was due to the blown-out bulbs. There wasn’t much to it, a double bed up against the wall with the window on it that was next to the door. I assumed that the door in the corner led to a bathroom. But there was something a bit odd about this motel room. On the wall opposite the window was a worktop that ran the length of the wall, that wasn’t that odd really, but there were two mirrors about head height above the work top. They were the same, small square mirrors only enough to see your face in its entirety and they were spaced about 6 inches apart. Apparently, we have to wear these little sunglasses, they reminded me of glasses people balance on their face on a sunbed. So, we stood there holding these weird glasses on our eyes staring directly into these mirrors. Trevor started babbling about something, at this point my patience was dwindling and I was only half paying attention. My mind was wondering whilst staring directly into my own eyes, I suddenly realized It had been years since I had actually made eye contact with myself, or had I ever done that? This question soon evaporated and my thoughts turned to how ridiculous this actually was and started to question whether I was really helping James by doing this or just indulging and enabling him to slowly wither away. Then, it happened.
It hit me like a steam train, the first sensation was in my stomach like when you drop down from a roller-coaster it’s like a mix of fear and excitement rising up through your gut. Then the light, the light was so bright, like a beaming beacon of shades of yellow and orange projecting out through the mirror. At that point I wasn’t sure if it was still a mirror or a window. I could no longer see my reflection in it and I could only focus on the light. It was coursing through my veins, taking me over in every way I never thought possible. I did not want to look away as it felt like it rip me apart if I broke contact with it. Then it was over, darkness. Then I was sitting on the bed with my hand over my eyes, squeezing them like I had a headache. I was terrified to open them because I wasn’t sure what that light had done to me. I sucked air through my teeth as I took my hand down and opened my eyes. My eyes winced as I took in my surroundings, the fact I was on the bed unsettled me. I can only imagine I staggered disorientated from the mirror once the light stopped. I took stock of what was going on around me, Trevor was in the same place as before and looking at his face it was slightly different but I couldn’t quite figure out why. Then I glanced at James, who was still stood in front of the mirror staring directly into it without the glasses on. He turned round and made direct eye contact with me. “I can see you” he said. His face had also changed, the worry and stress that had contorted his tired and weakening face had vanished. Even his stubble seemed to have been tidied up. He looked better than I had seen him in years and all he could muster up was the same sentence over and over. “I can see you”
About half an hour had gone by, I seem to remember Trevor rabbiting on about that it’ll take around half an hour to get your bearings, and I felt like I was finally aware of what was going on around me. Scanning round the room was strange, the entire atmosphere had changed. It was no longer this dank, slightly seedy motel room. It was light, airy and had this hopeful feel about it. Turning my attention to Trevor and my friend I noticed why they looked so different. Nothing in the room was broken anymore, Trevor's clothes were clean and had been pressed, the wallpaper wasn’t peeling away anymore and the damp smell had gone. I still was in a slightly catatonic state. It felt like the more I looked around the more I couldn’t believe what had happened. I started to tune into the conversation between Trevor and James. “Ah, your back with us then?” Trevor said in a very light hearted tone, as if nothing bizarre and terrifying had just occurred. “Well, we can go over the rules...” James was in his element. He didn’t seem confused or concerned about what had just happened, he was just happy that he could see. Judging by his demeanor he had got his bearings quite a bit before me and seemed to welcome me into the situation with a degree of familiarity, as if he had arrived home and I was the guest. Trevor pulled a chair over to the bed and sat down and began to talk. “Let's get one thing out of the way first gents, time here doesn’t work like it does back there. Whilst you are both here time stands still back there. When...or if you decide to go back then you’ll go back to that exact moment you looked through the mirror” It seemed that was all we were getting, he made eye contact with us both, nodded, then slapped both his thighs with his hands as he stood up. Walked towards the door and swung it open, gesturing to us both to walk through.
Once again, I winced my eyes in the light as we went outside. The paving stones on the walkway weren’t cracked or covered in cigarette butts anymore, they were immaculate. Considering that James was the one that just got his sight back after 4 years I was the one in sheer awe at what I was seeing. Everything was perfect, like it had never been touched. This was a shady part of town that James had taken us to but now it was like a stroll in a middle-class suburb. The layout hadn't changed, but it was the atmosphere it was now was bright and peaceful. We got into a car and Trevor started to drive. The drive was silent, with both myself and James sitting in the back staring out of our windows like children on a road trip. I had got to the point of trying to find an imperfection of some sort, I couldn’t. I’m unsure how long we were driving, not overly long I don’t think but long enough that we were in the country side. We pulled into this small village with perhaps twenty houses on a main street and a few dozen houses sporadically dispersed across the hillside. People were out in their gardens on gathered on the main street, naturally most of them had a quick glance at the car and then continued their conversations. Nobody seemed too phased by our presence and it was obvious this was our destination. The car slowly pulled up to a house on the left, it looked like a house but once we were completely stopped it seemed more like a communal building. Now I was getting a bit more cautious, I had a feeling we were going to be the center of attention once we got inside this building.
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2021.10.20 17:41 GovernorOfReddit College Park could use pandemic relief funds for affordable housing, broadband

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