[Fowler] Pass rusher Whitney Mercilus is signing with the Green Bay Packers, per source. Former Texan turning down more money elsewhere to join Green Bay’s defense.

2021.10.20 15:38 HamishWarne [Fowler] Pass rusher Whitney Mercilus is signing with the Green Bay Packers, per source. Former Texan turning down more money elsewhere to join Green Bay’s defense.

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2021.10.20 15:38 ApexLiberty This is why there shouldn't be any magazine restrictions.

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2021.10.20 15:38 New_Seaworthiness119 [Fan Fic] Court's Minstrel

My lords and ladies, my apologies please.
I spoke to soon so I beg on my knees,
I thought you wanted, a story of lust
By the look on your face and your utter disgust
I realize now the ways of my folly
and will amaze you to where you will say “Gosh, Golly!”

The tale you will hear came from far away
From a land speckled with magic and bastards and strays
A land soaked with blood, and bile and piss
A land thought forsaken by Gaia, their creator, A Miss.
She stole her believers and hid them away
And that’s where most are hidden to this very day
In the Inner Grove they grow at Irae’s dismay
To recover this land that was led astray.

This tale I will tell is about a creature
In fact a tail was one of his features
I witnessed his strength and fighting might
As he defended our passage in broad daylight
Through the Forest with no Name.

We traveler’s hired guards for our passage
But were ambushed, stripped and tied up like a sausage
And frightened ho! We all did scream and beckon
And the women feared their dignity would be taken
When a thunderous roar shook the leaves.

The murderous marauders stopped what they pleased
Turned their backs us to assess the unfolding situation
To witness a boulder launched in our direction.
One of the robbers, well he wasn’t bright
He wondered why day had turn into night.
“Hey look at that, that’s huge!” He said
Just before the boulder took off his head.
He stood for a second, then fell to the ground.
Blood spurting and squirting and spraying around.

The second robber, well he was in disbelief
He stared at his friend and almost felt grief
Until he felt a sword through his shoulder blades
Yet turned around and saw nothing but shade.

We watched one by one as each robber fell
Picked off like apples by good William Tell.
Till the last robber stood alone on our carriage
Thrashing his sword hoping to hit the mirage.

Minutes went by with him thrashing about
Until the thunderous Voice gave him a shout
“I laud your endurance, but I will wait
Watching you tire and struggle with hate.
You harm these poor people just passing by
I’ve witnessed your actions and now you must die.”

He appeared out of nowhere right in front of the man.
Who lunged with his might for his chest.
Our savior chuckled and grabbed his hand
“Who are you? What are you? What the hell?”
He tore the man in Half. “ I am Aelzel Cryomutul!!”

The Lords and Ladies let out a gasp, and clapped and laughed with glee.
For no way could that man exist as he died in the Age of Fleas.
“Aelzel Cryomutul, you say. Oh what a perfect ending!
That valiant beast lived long ago and banished like a beast.
Your story is good. You have redeemed yourself, and now it’s time to feast!”

My lords and ladies left hand in hand, not thinking about their ways.
But it really happened not long ago, and I thank him every day.
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2021.10.20 15:38 WlatonSimons Rule

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2021.10.20 15:38 utterlyunimpressed The spectrum is too broad...

The autism spectrum has become far too broad. It's basically now a catchall for different types of antisocial maladjustments and too many people that are miscategorized as being "on the spectrum" use it as an excuse to never improve their behaviors. We've also glamorized autism to the point where people will self-diagnose and play up symptoms in order to become part of this protected in-group. I'm not saying there is no autism, I'm not saying that there aren't varying degrees of severity in autism, but I am saying that it has become way too broad in order to have a viable diagnosis for kids that don't act according to social "norms" or expectations.
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2021.10.20 15:38 R-Elevener Lil' Witch Mikan

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2021.10.20 15:38 Joshua_Waves After his 21st birthday, Jimmy might have surf lessons with his dad on the surfboard together.

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2021.10.20 15:38 Positive-Mortgage-79 memeformoonbeam

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2021.10.20 15:38 CBDOILPRINCESS Testimonial 9

October 20, 2021
"Hey Joe,
GB here. I received my ShapeNBurn and I just took my 3rd day dose. I do a video, also during one of my workouts. I can most assuredly attest to the sustained energy-
I have no problem in any of these areas-weight control, or energy. I Do have brain fog. I lost 50lb. 10 years ago and I have kept it off. However, having said that, I have been doing this for over 40 years professionally and longer personally. These products work BECAUSE OF THEIR INGREDIENTS. I know they will accentuate what I have done for years. I had my own private label supplement company for both animals and humans. I'm now retired from that. I was an independent ingredient broker and my products had many of these ingredients them.
So early day 3 here in Maine for me and ShapeNBurn. I joined the challenge officially, and I already submitted the prelims, pics, etc. So onward and upward.
Thanks talk soon"

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2021.10.20 15:38 Bryo4 Am I the only one

Am I the only one who thought we were in for the “Clue” treatment- three (or more) separate endings?
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2021.10.20 15:38 goldenson What Happens At Wall Street?

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2021.10.20 15:38 Chrizzly-Bear [LF] Raymond, Judy, Dom [FT] Bells, NMT

Name your price! I have empty plots ready. Thank you.
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2021.10.20 15:38 SnekSnake11 If you were on a date, what would make you instantly leave and never call back?

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2021.10.20 15:38 AmazingMeat Happy Baby revolution?

I'm not digging our ergo Omni 360 as it causes me lower back pain. The Happy Baby carrier was recommended but I wear baby guy facing out. Can anyone speak to the HB revolution model which allows outward facing?
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2021.10.20 15:38 Dumbass1171 More Bad Policies Contributing to the "Supply Chain Crisis"

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2021.10.20 15:38 kennyexp Pink Pantheress- I Must Apologise visualizer (Fan Edit)

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2021.10.20 15:38 agreatday248 When was the last time you gave someone a compliment? What did you say?

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2021.10.20 15:38 EnigmaMachine1 Tendril - Abstract Ink Drawing

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2021.10.20 15:38 RealCitricK I didn't read the tip until 4th death (nioh 2)

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2021.10.20 15:38 armaan--67 NAT TYPE IS STRICT

My GTA was recently hacked and after I got it back it now says that my NAT type is strict. How do I change that
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2021.10.20 15:38 CaptainWisconsin This stupid decoration portraying mass suicide.

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2021.10.20 15:38 RLCD-Bot [Merc] [Titanium White Merc: Athena] [Angel Wings] [Purple Cirrus] [Purple Madness II]

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2021.10.20 15:38 Pessimist2020 Rep. Jim Jordan tells House panel he can't recall how many times he spoke with Trump on Jan. 6

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2021.10.20 15:38 pewdsdankers Trial and Error (Semi-Infinite Solid)

Hi! Can someone guide me to how to solve a problem regarding heat transfer in a semi-infinite solid with surface convection without a time given and can only use the graph of Geankoplis (Fig 5.3-3) as the means of solution.
It’s supposed to be done by trial and error but I can’t get any source on how to do this.

The average temperature of the soil to a considerable depth is approximately 277.6 K (40°F) during a winter day. If the outside air temperature suddenly drops to 255.4 K (0°F) and stays there, how long will it take for a pipe 3.05 m (10 ft) below the surface to reach 273.2 K (32°F)? The convective coefficient is h = 8.52 W/m2-K (1.5 BTU/h-ft2-°F). The soil physical properties can be taken as 5.16 x 10–7 m2/s (0.02ft2/h) for the thermal diffusivity and 1.384 W/m-K (0.8 BTU/h-ft-°F) for the thermal conductivity.
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2021.10.20 15:38 100-billion-galaxies Do you consume the news? If so, what's your primary source?

View Poll
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