Should I do kamara for Taylor deebo mckissic 10 man ppr. 1-5 I have Saquon also and need to make some moves to win. I have Keenan and cd on byes this week

2021.10.20 17:23 EmbarrassedCup9489 Should I do kamara for Taylor deebo mckissic 10 man ppr. 1-5 I have Saquon also and need to make some moves to win. I have Keenan and cd on byes this week

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2021.10.20 17:23 Brizn They're so congenial [oc]

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2021.10.20 17:23 AdministrationFew559 How is Chanel shampoo? Opinions plz.

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2021.10.20 17:23 amaraxcvxcv 🟢 Welcome To Fomo Squid Game🟢Stealth Launch And Big Marketing Plan

If you are used to buy new tokens in bsc you know that it is all about trending topics ? The tokens that works better are the tokens that follow the trendings topics of the week in the Binance Smart Chain.
Welcome to the Fomo Squid Game token that will triumph on the BSC network in the coming days.
About Fomo Squid Game
Created by a team that has experienced lots of tokens in BSC and decided to work on providing a new fun token. Fomo Squid Game is the best way to earn passively. Just holding will reward you with a 1% reward of Fomo Squid Game straight to your wallet.
Fomo Squid Game is a BEP-20 project on the Binance Smart Chain network
A community-driven coin with big aspirations to build a trusted community for investors.
We have a game for our community , 1 winner will win the 1% of transactions.
How to win?
You only have to buy a minimum of 2% and do not sell anything for a minimum of 7 days on first 9 days.
4% Marketing
4% Liquidity
1% To Holders
1% To winner of game
Liquidity will be blocked for everyone's safety and the contract can be checked on all available anti-rug platforms.
3% Max Buy Anti Max Whales
The marketing of the token is great and we are looking forward to launching it, as a novelty we have prohibited talking in the chat about the benefits of the token.
Initial Liquidity provided is locked and will be extended as we develop as a community.
The Fomo Squid Game team developed a contract that is safe for everyone and rewarding the long-term holders.
​Marketing of Fomo Squid Game
Paid Influencer tweets.
Profesional Shiller onboard 🚀
Video ads for promotions 🔥
Custom Sticker 📲
Telegram Pin in different channels and groups

Useful Links
Contract: 0xc0895bcdfc5b83f97647f61f9f5ac2de49b8ecc9
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2021.10.20 17:23 Cultural_Fun Ill enter ur profile to see ur 4 axes chart and I’ll say if it’s a 🚩 or green flag IMO

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2021.10.20 17:23 G34RZI Just got my first Power Rage at a steal of $60!

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2021.10.20 17:23 depressident SCX24, ESC flashing 3 times when turned on

I just got my SCX24 Deadbolt. Battery is fully charged. It drives good as far as I can tell. It's just that every time I turn it on, the ESC flashes red three times. The manual gives me nothing. This is not normal, is it?
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2021.10.20 17:23 cyphzr0 TIL Emacs has a hex editor

I've been using Emacs full time for about 7 months now and today I found out there is hexl-mode. It is pretty fast, too. No longer do I need to be crippled by bvi.
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2021.10.20 17:23 Light_Beard Apu just called! Lisa's team is playing Bart's team! THEY'RE IN DIRECT COMPETITION! And I don't want you to go easy on each other just because you're brother and sister. I want to see you fighting! For your parent's LOVE! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT...

Apu just called! Lisa's team is playing Bart's team! THEY'RE IN DIRECT COMPETITION! And I don't want you to go easy on each other just because you're brother and sister. I want to see you fighting! For your parent's LOVE! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT... submitted by Light_Beard to TheSimpsons [link] [comments]

2021.10.20 17:23 Famous_Bird5985 Regaining my passion for pencil drawing :)

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2021.10.20 17:23 lss_bvt_and_16 Hello World

Reddit is great
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2021.10.20 17:23 Wheres-My-Map The Camp & The Lab retail centers in Costa Mesa, California USA

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2021.10.20 17:23 missemeraldstorm Favorite jewelry

All of you lovely humans have such beautiful piercings and jewelry. Where are your favorite jewelry companies? There are so many different manufacturers. I am a little lost.
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2021.10.20 17:23 specimenyarp Zadorov is terrible.

That is all.
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2021.10.20 17:23 flashsasu Best place to scream at a loud volume without others hearing on campus?

Don’t ask why
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2021.10.20 17:23 __Girth__Brooks__ Best haul I’ve had in quite a while.

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2021.10.20 17:23 PeakHelpful89 Instragram Question..PLs help

does anyone know why I cannot post other accounts post on my Instagram stories? This is a recent problem for me, happened about 2 months ago and I cannot find a solution. I know that accounts cannot be private and have to allow sharing in order for me to put it on my story. I promise I am young and have been using Instagram for many years... I'm not just technologically illiterate. When I click on the share button on someone's post it does not even give me the ability to put it on my story. Anyone have this problem before and know a solution?
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2021.10.20 17:23 aglassofmerlot How do I set boundaries after a relationship has ended when we have a daughter together?

Initially, I (27F) ended things but realized it was the wrong decision to make after a few days. He (24M) told me he didn’t want to get back together and that was that. He hasn’t changed his opinion and I don’t think he’s going to. I’ve suggested just about every solution I could think of in order to work through our problems and grow together, all met with a resounding no. So, I’m giving up.
Normally, in a situation like this I would just move on and have no-contact. To me that’s the healthy decision to make. But, we both have a daughter together and that makes things complicated. Luckily, we’re good co-parents, but how do I set boundaries so that I can begin to move forward, get over him, love myself, and become confident again? Where do I begin?
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2021.10.20 17:23 howdie_cheese TRADING: AR 55 NA account LOOKING FOR: NA only Xiao and Kazuha

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2021.10.20 17:23 Regallemming Trouble with windwitch deck,

So my friend plays a 40 card deck windwitch. How can I counter it? I heard it has a weakness but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere
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2021.10.20 17:23 AdamistheWorst Waited months for volume 7 to finally restock. Paid $8.99 instead of $50-$70 to scalpers. If you see scalping report it, be patient, don't be part of the problem.

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2021.10.20 17:23 Weird_Lengthiness723 Paranormal Investigator Gaurav Tiwari's uncanny death!

Gaurav Tiwari is a well known Paranormal investigator in India and some outside countries as well. His tryst with the paranormal began in 2007 while he was studying in Florida, USA to become a commercial pilot. He left his job.
The 32 years old paranormal investigator, Gaurav Tiwari was found dead under mysterious circumstances in the bathroom of his Dwarka, Delhi flat in the morning of 7 July 2016. Gaurav’s father Uday Tiwari said that he fell in his bathroom around 11am, and found him lying unconscious before being rushed to hospital where he did not survive. Gaurav was living with his parents and wife, and his family initially suspected he died from the trauma from falling on the bathroom floor. But primary police investigation found a ‘black line’ around the neck of Gaurav Tiwari and did not find any substantial clue for concluding the reasons behind his death.
Tiwari’s father Uday Tiwari, mentioned his son telling his wife that a ‘negative force’ was pulling him towards itself and he was trying to control it. He said that Gaurav was probing a case where a girl in west Delhi’s Janakpuri was apparently possessed, and met the girl the night before his death. Later, Tiwari’ friends said his career as a commercial pilot went on a downward spiral after he shifted into the aforementioned apartment that was deemed `haunted’. All this and the ‘black line’ found around the neck of Tiwari led to speculations that some paranormal ghost activity was involved in his ‘mysterious’ death.
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2021.10.20 17:23 Worth-Train729 Listen to this Brazilian guy, the best rapper for me today

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2021.10.20 17:23 Scare-in-a-Box Quantum Specters

Teleportation has been a human dream for centuries. During the 20th century many theorized about it, during the 21st many others began to dream of making it come true. However, it was not until the 30th century that they managed to understand the mechanism perfectly and create the first functional teleportation machine.
It was a revolution. Everyone was excited, beginning to think of the thousands upon thousands of possibilities. They could travel to other planets in the blink of an eye! They would no longer need large and sophisticated spacecrafts, equipped with cryogenic capsules, to survive the great stellar voyages. But despite the great success of that very first machine, there was still a long way to go before all those dreams could be achieved.
The mechanism seemed simple, but it was actually far away from that. Someone was to be located in a special compartment of the machine, where they would be reduced to atoms, which would be then sucked inside the machine itself and finally would be transported to the other end. The atoms were released in the exit capsule, where they were rearranged, reshaping the person or object back to its original self. Everything had to be extremely precise, there couldn't be even the slightest mistake, or the materialization could turn out disastrously. Many of the previous attempts had ended with people without an arm, without a kidney, and even fewer neurons. But once they got to perfection, they just kept climbing and climbing.
After several years of using this new technology, engineers and scientists realized that the time between dematerialization and materialization could be changed at will. Normally, it was automatic. The atoms traveled at the speed of light towards their destination, and there they rearranged themselves. It was just a blink of an eye. With experiments, the blink became minutes, minutes into hours, hours into days. The most fascinating discovery, however, was that to the teleporting subject, all that extended time did not appear to exist. It was truly a miraculous discovery.
It didn't matter how long the distance between the two points was or how long it took to travel it, for who it was teleporting it was the same as blinking. You blinked and you were somewhere else. You blinked, and you were two days in the future. You blinked, and out of nowhere it was your birthday again.
Scientists began to dream even bigger. They dreamed of a future where that particularity of teleportation could be used not only to move quickly from one place to another, but also as a form of cryosleep.
Cryogenic capsules that had been in use for years had never been very reliable. Many of their users ended up never waking up due to unexpected damage in the middle of the process, meanwhile others woke up but could never recover from being asleep. They were efficient for short periods of time, but never for long ones. And with teleportation, they had been relegated to a form of travel that only the poorest of people could obtain.
But the 30th century was not only the century of the great teleportation revolution, it was also a century of disasters. Humanity had believed that their planet had already calmed down, that they had managed to stop the great and destructive climate change, but they had been wrong. They grew content, patting themselves in the back for what they thought had been a well done job, only to later discover the inescapable truth. They hadn't stopped it, only delayed the inevitable.
In the year 2950, ​​the worst nightmare of many was fulfilled: The Yellowstone supervolcano erupted. The earthquake was felt throughout North America, hundreds of cities were destroyed almost immediately, and several tsunamis even occurred that washed away the coasts of Asia. It was truly a calamity out of the most fanciful Hollywood movie. The most devastating effect, however, was that of the ashes: they covered the United States almost completely, and rose to the upper layers of the atmosphere, where they remained for years, blocking the precious sunlight.
A cold and dark winter fell on Earth. Humanity had to start surviving on what it could. World economies collapsed, animals died, water and land were polluted alike.
The richest, of course, found a solution. They already knew that Yellowstone would erupt, so they had prepared. Before calamity stroke, they sent for built huge structures, specially equipped to help them survive. They were not bunkers to shelter or large spaces to house large amounts of food. They were teleportation facilities. Giant buildings, reminiscent of those of the nuclear power plants of yesteryear, made of pure concrete, rising up on the outskirts of the most powerful cities in the world.
The formula was, of course, simple. They would teleport within the same building, but to the future. Once a year, they would reappear in the controlled area for an instant and then dematerialize again. Thus, they could live eternally in a constant, timeless state, without aging, until the planet returned to ideal conditions.
But no one had counted on the fact that the eruption would damage both machines and buildings. This, after all, had always been the fatal flaw of humanity; thinking themselves above the touch of Mother Earth. Earthquakes and ash caused systems to fail and, with no one to control it, the illusion of infinite life was undone.
The ten years of volcanic winter brought humanity to the brink of extinction. What had once been the beautiful Yellowstone National Park was now a gigantic, deserted caldera that still exuded gases at high temperatures. Those who could, lived underground. Millions died, as many took their lives when they did not see a light at the end of the tunnel. But still, humanity survived.
When the sun returned and the temperature began to rise again, the survivors, along with the new post-eruption generation, returned to the surface, finding themselves in a devastated and wild world. Despite the inclement weather, life had managed to survive and that gave them a glimmer of hope.
Little by little, they returned to the cities. Reconstruction was not easy, and neither was the resuming life on the surface. Many returned to live underground, while others planted the seeds of the new civilization above ground.
It took several more years for the efforts to pay off, and only then the world began to look more similar to how it once was. But not everything could go back to the way it was before, for the change had been too deep to be completely undone. New species of animals and plants emerged thanks to domestication. The crops were now more resistant and more nutritious, they could grow both in great periods of drought and through floods. The layer of ash that had been deposited during those ten years of volcanic winter gave them a particular flavor that no one had ever tasted before.
The new humanity was happy and on track, willing not to repeat the same mistakes as before. Twenty years after the mega-eruption, however, someone remembered.
They remembered the buildings built to save those who could afford it, they remembered teleportation and the crazy plan to live forever, without aging, without time passing, until Earth was Earth again.
But it was too late. The few facilities that were still standing were too irreparably damaged. At first, no one did a thing. They only lamented, believing that the teleported people had simply died. However, after a quick investigation, put in motion by the ever untiring spirit of the human race, the scientists found that people were still in a constant loop of dematerialization and materialization. They still appeared once a year, but with the damaged facilities, they no longer did it in the same place, safe and controlled. They did it anywhere. Or at least that was the theory. In those ten years, no one had ever encountered a dematerialized person... yet.
The first was seen in January 2981. A group of young boys had gone camping in the forest, near an old teleportation building. It was a calm and cool night, like all at that time. The adults responsible for the children were telling horror stories, when a person appeared out of nowhere in front of the group. Children and adults alike screamed in horror. The first person to appear was followed by more: pale, emaciated specters with wide eyes and strange expressions, appearing for just a second and then disappearing again. All in the blink of an eye.
Nobody believed them, not at first. They attributed it to children's imagination, to horror stories. Only when more and more specters began to appear in different parts of the world, in front of a variety of people, only then did they begin to investigate.
Quantum Specters, as they were called, appeared in random places throughout the world, at random times. Many tried to predict the time and place, but ultimately could not, be it for the complexity of the thought needed or the inability to account for the malfunctioning machines, no one could know for sure. Others tried to stop the dematerialization, but those efforts found themselves to be unsuccessful too. Many of the Specters died from appearing in the middle of walls or furniture, the result too grotesque and disturbing to be reproduced in this article. As time went on, it was discovered that some Quantum Specters took longer to disappear, but they never stayed for more than a minute anyway, so there was nothing they could say or do. The world had forgotten their names, so the new governments instituted surveillance plans.
Their strategy was simple, the objective was to keep watch over as many corners of the planet as they could, constantly capturing images. Some wanted to protest these new measures, accusing the government of only using the specters as an excuse to straighten their control and end with the peaceful life that they were now enjoying. For once, however, there were no ulterior motives, no hidden agendas. As futile as the attempts were, the quest to help bring back the Quantum Specters was a genuine one. The measures were finally accepted and implemented, and thus, as the years went by, an image bank of spectra was formed. In principle, the images would serve to identify people and try to determine patterns, one more research tool to try to bring them back. But eventually, when no one knew what else to do with them, they became just another curiosity. In new appearances, specters, they became the new protagonists of horror stories and urban myths.
The experts, however, know... they know that these people are suffering. Suffering to live one second at a time, unable to speak, feel, feed. They know that they will eventually die, for there is no cheating death, there is no miraculous immortality. They will die, and that they will never be able to be brought back. Their bodies, with terrified expressions, will continue to appear and disappear, living for a moment in an illusion of cruel and irreversible life. The pain, the horror, all of it extended, suspended, replicated and echoing all over time and all over space. They were searching for a way to extend their life, but all they did was to take every single second they had left and fill it with unmitigated agony.
This is the story of the Quantum Specters. This is the story you should know, that you should keep in mind, when a scared-looking figure appears in front of your eyes. You will feel confused, you will probably panic and scream. You may tell someone what you saw, and they might not believe you, but they are real. The specters are as real as you, they are people like you, only that they live only a ghost of the life that you live.
When you come across a specter, remember that once, decades ago, they were the richest on Earth, the ones who had everything, the ones who wanted to buy eternity and in return they got this... eternity in moments, eternity in terror, a ghostly life not even worth living.
Copyright © 2021 by Scare in a Box
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2021.10.20 17:23 Kelemek Tucker on Remarkable

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