"With the use of ASIC miners for the Scrypt algorithm, there is profit potential if you choose to mine Litecoin with multiple ASICs"

Nicehash os not working. Nicehash os not working The bitcoin network is a peer-to-peer payment network that operates on a cryptographic protocol.Users send and receive bitcoins, the units of currency, by broadcasting digitally signed messages to the network using bitcoin cryptocurrency wallet software. Transactions are recorded into a distributed, replicated public database known as the blockchain, with consensus achieved by a proof-of-work ... ASIC Miners: ASIC miners are manufactured for a specific intention. These miners are fast, provide much more hash rates, and consume less electricity. Gridseed Miners: Gridseed mining is the latest crypto-mining technology and can produce high hash rates in mining than other Bitcoin miners. Plus, it is open-source, so if you are a programmer, you can customize or adjust the mining software to suit your needs. From there, they can use their rewards to mine for additional hours. Apr 21, 2013 · So Is it better to mine or just get a staking (i. This pool has multiple nodes spread around the globe and keeps on adding more of them. One final topic worth discussing is ASIC mining. Bitcoin (SHA256), Litecoin (Scrypt), and many other popular cryptocurrencies have reached the point where companies have put in the time and effort ... yespowersugar miner SRBMiner CryptoNight miner KAWPOW algorithm Viper Scrypt ASIC cex io test RandomX CPU mining Merit trading LTC halving mining board game AntMiner U1 Tellor mining ETH Homestead Radeon RX 6700 specifications bitcoin mining service avermore Bitcoin ponzi scheme ccMiner 1.4.9 windows GDDR5X Ethash booster GLD ccMiner 1.5.58-git ...

2021.10.20 15:46 susanvilleula1 "With the use of ASIC miners for the Scrypt algorithm, there is profit potential if you choose to mine Litecoin with multiple ASICs"

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2021.10.20 15:46 cottonpenttinen I couldn't even imagine how many advantages there are in the MELON token! I am impressed!

As Melon aims to be a decentralized platform, holders of the $MELON tokens will be decisions makers in future developments.
It’s called a “DAO”, short for Decentralized Autonomous Organization. It’s a form of organization that puts the power in the hands of the community.
Instead of a CEO or a board of directions making key decisions, token holders will have a voice and a say in Melon’s future. This could enable things like community-driven curation of the most liked content.
It’s something no other NFT platform offers — most are centralized entities that don’t give users much control over where they’re headed.
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2021.10.20 15:46 Hungee69 Test is actively getting lower

To recap previous posts, I am 20 years old, I felt symptoms of low T, got a test through letsgetchecked.com, results 290ng/dl. Then I went to a urologist to talk about it, test done through him came back at 255 and we started talking about getting on TRT. Repeat test results came back with T at 189, free at 42.9, bioavailable at 91.9, SHBG AT 13, and albumin at 4.7. I also got an LH test that came back normal.
I'm pretty much here to ask why it could possibly be losing by so much each test, I haven't made any changes to my diet or lifestyle or sleeping schedule and all the tests were done around 9 am fasted. I'm just confused, but based on these results I am most likely going to start trt.
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2021.10.20 15:46 ditisgeengrap Today, in a small store in Delft, The Netherlands...

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2021.10.20 15:46 iaamweeabowo ABBA Voyage

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2021.10.20 15:46 kry_some_more Gigabyte Arrogantly says its modular 5G PC is the future of gaming

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2021.10.20 15:46 tonatron20 Fast car for under $100 usd

My In-laws are doing secret santa this year and my BIL asked if I knew of any fast cars that would be great to run in fields with tall-ish grass and bumpy terrain. For him I think the faster it is, the better (so long as it is not absolute crap quality to achieve straight-line speed). Our budget for SS is $100 usd. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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2021.10.20 15:45 paulkaraffa How IT Managers CAN Build Seamless Salesforce Teams

Original Post: https://www.cloudpacific.tech/post/how-it-managers-build-seamless-salesforce-teams?postId=27af5bce-7dca-402a-aa34-4c255a694d3b
Without a nuanced knowledge of Salesforce and a clear plan for implementation, IT Managers often find themselves burning through time and money without much to show for it. The common Catch-22 puts them in a situation where management is telling them they need to build without a blueprint, and the whole solution quickly collapses.
To avoid tech debt and the terrible prospect of a “hard reset” on your Salesforce implementation, there’s a clear order of operations that we recommend you follow when trying to build your Salesforce team.
Obviously every business’s needs will be unique, and Salesforce has the customizable features to make your solution feel truly bespoke, but those more personalized and optimized elements of your implementation are only relevant once you have a strong foundation.
So if you’re an IT Manager looking to start your solution off strong (or figure out why your current implementation feels broken), you’ve come to the right place.
Here’s the order of operations for creating a Salesforce team capable of unlocking the platform’s true potential for your business:
1. “Seed” Your Team with a Salesforce Architect Your first Salesforce hire is your most crucial, because they’re the seed from which the rest of your team will grow. We’ve written about this before (check that blog out here, but it bears repeating: One of the biggest mistakes IT Managers make when hiring for Salesforce is thinking they can bring in a single person to simply “handle” Salesforce for their business. We call this “The Guru Strategy” but it’s not actually strategic.
In most business cases, an optimized and seamless Salesforce org is a team sport, so what you’re really looking for in your first hire is an effective Tech Lead. For this role, you’re going to need a fully vetted, Architect-certified professional with at least 5 years of experience. They’re not going to be cheap, but they’re going to be worth it.
A certified Salesforce Architect comes with both broadly applicable Salesforce knowledge that qualifies them to solution for entire teams with different certifications, and their own personal specialized expertise. There are two main types of Salesforce Architect to choose from, but either will do:

Once you find your Architect, they’ll seed your team by lending their experience to the hiring and vetting process of your other Salesforce hires. But how do you make sure you’re properly vetting your first hire if you don’t have deep Salesforce knowledge yourself?
You hire a consulting firm to do the vetting for you. We've done a lot of this but most reputable Salesforce consulting firms can support this. If you need support, contact us.
2. Use Your Architect to Hire a Salesforce Business Analyst and Developer A Salesforce team works best when each member is able to focus on and fulfill their dedicated role. Now that you have an Architect, you have the captain of your ship who will reliably solution a future state for your Salesforce org. Your next challenge is figuring out how to turn your business goals into Salesforce applications and processes. For that, you’ll need to hire a Salesforce Business Analyst and Salesforce Developer.
Once your Architect is on board, this should not only be an easy process - it should be an efficient one. The Salesforce community is an invaluable resource, and your Architect (if they were properly vetted) comes with a built-in network of professionals that share personality traits, values, and work ethic. They’ll be able to bring in candidate recommendations for the positions you need, and they can act as your lead during the interview process.
The Salesforce Business Analyst and Salesforce Developer are your next hires because they fulfill two different but vital roles in your Salesforce Team:
Your Architect knows that, in the Salesforce ecosystem, not all experience is created equal. Their support in vetting these candidates for vital team experience, knowledge, and best practices is your key to setting up a fully optimized Salesforce org.
3. Engage Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Support After steps one and two, you have everything you need to analyze business challenges and produce data-driven solutions in Salesforce. Now it’s time to talk about testing (guinea pigs won’t work).
There are two schools of thought when it comes to QA/QC: You can hire a dedicated QA/QC professional recommended and/or vetted by your Architect, or you can outsource. We actually recommend the latter.
Typically, people working in QA/QC aren’t trying to stay there for long. It’s an entry-level position for many looking to move up as they build their Salesforce certifications toward higher level skills - and it’s monotonous work. This creates a staff retention problem if you’re looking to hire permanently for this task, but you don’t have to!
Your BA will be able to create detailed test scripts for anything your developer designs. These simple step-by-step guides can then be followed by independent QA/QC contractors as needed, or you can always engage a Salesforce Consulting Firm to handle this for you when the need arises.
4. Establish a Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Process You’re halfway there! After steps 1-3, you have your smallest possible team, so now it’s time to talk process. CI/CD is a standard by which you implement change management, designed to streamline and document your build by introducing automation to various stages of app development.
Essentially, it’s tasking your team with creating a fully-automatic “machine” within Salesforce that monitors daily changes, documents every stage of a build’s lifecycle, continuously tests for errors, and then seamlessly merges updates with your Production org for the highest possible levels of both delivery efficiency and quality confidence.
Implementing CI/CD at your business will enable your team to be both agile and accountable. It also keeps your live environment protected from changes that would disrupt your Production org, making the inevitable cleanup that follows a thing of the past.
Salesforce contains many development tools that assist you in setting up and automating CI/CD quickly, and one of the key skill sets you (and your Architect) should vet for in the hiring process is experience working in this kind of environment. If your Architect, developer, and BA are all on the same page here, it’s going to make setting up this complex process a breeze (or at least, not a headache-inducing nightmare).
Your organization’s individual form of CI/CD will have idiosyncrasies specific to your business’s goals and needs. However, there are still some core CI/CD principles that will always be in effect. There are typically three steps in a standard CI/CD process:
  1. Development: Part of CI, this stage is where your Developers create and compile their code within an Independent Production Environment (IDE) using Visual Studio (VS) Code. There should be simple automated tests run daily on changes that are committed to a Source Code Management platform such as Github.
  2. Testing: Each repository commit triggers an automated workflow on a CI server that can notify developers if there are any problems integrating their changes. The IDE is both a development and testing area where your team can create separate sandboxes that are used first by developers, then users, to test changes.
  3. Delivery: Here’s the CD - Once testing is passed, approved codebases are pushed to the Production org and merged automatically without interruption or error.
CI/CD automates your software release process, providing your team with reduced time frames for deployment, decreased costs, continuous feedback, early error detection, and improved system integration. As soon as your team is assembled, this is the workflow you’ll want to put in place!
5. Set Up Software Project Management & Salesforce Ticket Management in Jira Now that both your Salesforce team and their pipeline for delivering changes to production are ready, you’re going to need to set up Software Project Management and Salesforce Ticket Management to facilitate an efficient, accountable workflow. Industry standard software for both of these processes is Jira.
When it comes to Software Project Management, Jira empowers you to:
In addition to helping you manage projects within your team, Jira provides Salesforce Ticket Management so that the rest of the business can effectively communicate their Salesforce needs and have them solutioned in a timely fashion. Jira’s “Portals” feature enables you to create a portal where users can submit tickets for features they want added in Salesforce, bugs they have noticed that need repaired, and whatever else needs to be added to the request. Using this, your BA can expand upon, take actions to change, or scope that user story appropriately. From here, tickets can be assigned to developers, with the entire process tracked from submission to completion through Jira - all while giving real-time visibility to the requester in the Jira Portal.
6. Grow Your Team as Needed Now that you have the basics of your team and their workflow established, you can think about growing that team in reaction to your business needs.
“But wait,” you may be thinking. “I need three developers!”
That may be true, but you should only hire them after you’ve completed steps 1-5. If you bring them on early, before your core team and processes are in place, they’re not going to be able to do their jobs, and will likely be bogged down in setup tasks that waste their time, your time, and your company’s money. Dedicated developers are even likely to leave if they’re spending weeks to months unable to code because they were hired before your business was ready.
If done right, this entire process enables IT managers to build seamless Salesforce teams in 4-6 months. Then, and only then, is the full potential of Salesforce unlocked.
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2021.10.20 15:45 beelzbb Another photo of Ye in Warsaw today

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2021.10.20 15:45 seal_man235 M 17 Denmark

Hi, my name is Mark.
Despite having a great geoup of friends and even a grilfriend, i still find myself feeling lonely when theyre not around. I spend a lot of time playing games, but i just realized i almost never play with anyone other than myself.
My library is already pretty massive, but if i dont have the game you want to play, i dont mind investing a bit.
Besides games, i love metal (Opeth)
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2021.10.20 15:45 OurProgressive Facts are Facts. “Vikings were in North America in 1021, well before Columbus, researchers say”

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2021.10.20 15:45 wezeir27 Karisma Kapoor

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2021.10.20 15:45 DeanC0220 SPIDER-MAN [M4F] (Discord) 18+

Hello there my names Dean! I've been roleplaying for six years, and as the title suggest I'm looking to do a Spider-Man based roleplay. But before we get more into that there's a few things that you should know about me before we start contacting each other.
Firstly I only roleplay with people who are eighteen plus, this isn't necessarily because of any NSFW content but because I am over that age and would feel more comfortable roleplaying with someone else also over that age.
Secondly I am a literate roleplayer, what this means is i will almost always give at least three paragraphs sometimes more, and I'd like it if my partner did the same. I feel like it's hard to become invested or stay interested in the story we're telling with any less, at least that's how i personally feel about it definitely no one liners please.
Thirdly I will only roleplay in third person just because that's how I've been doing it and for me it just feel slightly awkward to roleplay in any other format I won't budge on this it's hard for me to roleplay with someone when were doing two totally different perspectives it takes me out of the story completely
I'm sure you could tell from the title but I only roleplay on discord it's just the platform that is easiest for me and that i can respond too the fastest so i won't change to Kik or any other platform for our roleplay.
And lastly I'm sure you're curious about what kinda story i wanna tell with Peter Parker Spider-Man there's a lot of options but at the moment I'm up for anything and I'm sure we can discuss more and come up with amazing stories on discord feel free to give me a message and send me your discord so excited to roleplay with everyone!
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2021.10.20 15:45 Xanadoo ArkForever.com

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2021.10.20 15:45 wholelottahate19 These were people who were hating kanye's music on my kanye post......

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2021.10.20 15:45 KERRUNE Kerra-chan occupies Sei-Sei-chan's house yet again

8 dinergates
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2021.10.20 15:45 Snap_Zoom BUT MY COUNTRY IS NOT HAPPY ANY MORE

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2021.10.20 15:45 UrbanFantasys Kim Harrison, Trouble with the Cursed (Hollows Book 16)

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2021.10.20 15:45 Numb09AllGone Ultrasound

I’m getting an ultrasound today I can’t wait I wanna see my baby.❤️💜
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2021.10.20 15:45 dreadsk8 Daiya pizza with garlic butter and italian seasoning. Semi-shitty vegan food porn

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2021.10.20 15:45 quiste_sacrocoxigeo ¡Todo terminó, señores. No tenemos escapatoria!

Tengo miedo, hoy a mis 29 años por primera vez tengo miedo de como esta y lo que le pueda pasar al país. Veo que es muy factible que en noviembre el peronismo 2.0 pierda las generales y se vaya todo a la mierda. Pero que se vaya no solo económicamente sino en que ya no les va a importar nada. Y no hablo solo de los políticos sino también de sus seguidores, porque como siempre se dijo "si el peronismo no gobierna no deja gobernar". Y es lo que hacen, no tratan de formar una buena contra propuesta sino que solo les importa la venganza. Están tan enceguecidos por el fanatismo y les han vendido tan bien que la culpa de todo es de Macri que no son capaces ni de escuchar otras voces, se creen dueños de la verdad y que son los únicos capaces de arreglar el problema que ellos mismos crearon.
Nada, eso. Tenia ganas de ventilar un poco <3
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2021.10.20 15:45 RalekArts [USA-SC] [H] Local cash, Verified Paypal [W] Various Nvidia/AMD GPUs

Ayy good to be here again. I'm looking to buy a total of 13 GPUs from the below list this time!

The prices here are sourced from HWS about 1 month ago, I found the last 5-10 sold listings at the time and averaged the prices together. They're sorted top to bottom from most wanted to least wanted. If the item is used, this is likely close to the max I'm willing to pay for it unless the price has risen in the past month. So don't be surprised if I ignore a higher offer that doesn't link to very recent sold listings.
Card Offer price
Radeon RX 570 8GB $248
Radeon RX 5700 $638
GeForce RTX 2060 Super $522
Radeon RX 590 $327
Radeon RX 5700 XT $699
GeForce RTX 2070 $547
Radeon RX 6800 $897
GeForce RTX 3060 $641
Radeon RX Vega 56 $503
GeForce GTX 1080 Ti $588
GeForce GTX 1060 6GB $263
GeForce GTX 1070 $337
GeForce RTX 2070 Super $594
Radeon RX 5600 XT $522
GeForce GTX 1070 Ti $377
GeForce GTX 1080 $408
Radeon RX Vega 64 $670
Radeon RX 580 8GB $396
GeForce GTX 1660 Super $394
GeForce RTX 2080 Ti $953
If you're looking to sell for this price, just leave a comment and shoot me a message with the timestamp (before or after agreeing on price) and we can get the Paypal transaction started. I generally pay within an hour or so if I'm not sleeping.
If you want to sell a card that's not on here, feel free to make an offer. But it'll likely have to be a very good one.
I'll keep track of the purchased cards, who they're from, the status, and the price paid in full on the below chart just like last time:
Card User Status Price
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2021.10.20 15:45 SnooDoughnuts3361 Watching the Sam Raimi "Spider-Man" trilogy. I watched the 2002 film religiously when I was a teenager. I still watch all 3 films a couple times a year!

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2021.10.20 15:45 SofiBK We all know about students' fight, but what about teachers fighting? Did it ever happened in your school and what was it like?

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2021.10.20 15:45 fuhkit Spoonsticks, Massapequa NY

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